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Server Update - MC 1.20, Enchant Overhaul, and More!
2 minute read

Hey folks! With the server now having been in open beta for a few months, it has been a fantastic chance to see how the players respond and interact with content on the server. I'd like to now update everyone on progress and future plans going forward!

Currently, the server is going through a transition period to move from the legacy enchantment system to a new one that's both more integrated in Minecrafts core gameplay and much less resource heavy on our servers! With that said, I'd like to make sure players are aware that these new enchantments will not convert automatically and will need to be converted manually by staff. If you own any enchanted items or enchanted books that do not include a description below the name, please create a ticket on our Discord Server to convert your items.

What's new?

This update includes a few new features as well as some upcoming features I'm excited to announce!

  • New Auction House - Players can now post their items for sale in the new auction house system, which can be accessed by either the /ah command or the NPCs at spawn.
  • New Enchanting System - As stated above, the server now has a new enchantment system. This new system does away with success and failure rates, while also letting you obtain custom enchantments from an enchanting table and your villagers.
  • New Ender Dragon System - Starting now, the Ender Dragon is scheduled to respawn every week to give players a chance to get the satisfaction of "completing" Minecraft.
  • Items and Drops - In the near future, you may start to see unique items drop from monsters slain in the wild... This is the beginning of an expansion to the MMORPG aspect of the survival gameplay.
  • Clue Scrolls - You can now get a daily mystery clue scroll with /cluescroll which will have you go on a series of tasks to gain extra rewards. These also have a rare chance to drop from monsters you kill throughout the land.

1.20 Update!

With the release of the 1.20 comes lots of exiting new additions such as Archaeology and Armor trims! We've been eagerly waiting while everything gets updated to the latest version, and I can finally say that the server is now running native 1.20.
This however does not mean you are required to use this version of Minecraft. If for what ever reason you want to stick to a specific version of Minecraft, the server is also backwards compatible, so you can continue playing as usual.

You can find a full list of all the changes in 1.20 by clicking here.

Welcome to Pixel Grove!
Welcome to Pixel Grove!
Welcome to the beginning of Pixel Grove & open beta launch This website will serve as a one-stop shop for things outside the game server.
Go ahead and take a look around, and feel free to contact staff if you have any questions.
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